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April 17, 2007

Game Critic In Mystery Movie

CLast week at the Capcom event, Chris Hudak, one of the more creative and alternative-minded game writers, told me about “The Smiling Man,” a short mystery movie in which he stars as the lead character, a down-on-his-luck sleuth called Nick Chambers who likes a drink now and then (kind of like Hudak). It’s based on a short story within a tome called “Fog City Nocturne.” Apparently, some other game-oriented folks got together to make this movie happen, and production just wrapped a week or so ago. Check out the trailer: who knew Hudak could channel Bogart and act? I guess I had a feeling he could. I remember being at some event at Disney World, and a publicist saw these girls checking Hudak out. The PR guy told them Hudak was Tommy Lee (and he did bear a resemblance to the rocker when his hair was longer). Did Hudak act as Tommy Lee to chat up the girls? I’m not telling. All I know is he owes me $300. Which is another fun story for another fun time.