The Smiling Man on DVD
Direct from Kelp Entertainment!

Not available anywhere else! Includes "The Smiling Man" in both Vintage black and white, and in color.

This disc is packed with all the "Making of" documentaries featured on this site, English subtitles, and our hilarious Creator's Commentary with Director B.J. West, Assistant Director Bryan Tolin, and star Chris Hudak.

$15.00 each, plus $5.00 USPS Priority Mail shipping in a bubble wrap mailer anywhere in the U.S.

Fog City Nocturne
Read the story that started it all!

What do you get when a group of writers jointly create a private detective character in the hard boiled tradition, then go their separate ways to put the poor bastard through his paces? You get Nick Chambers, a down-on-his-luck P.I. who is both comfortably familiar and refreshingly original.

Contains the original short story The Smiling Man by Keoni Chavez.
Boyd Meets Stravinsky
Boyd Raeburn

This is as close to an official The Smiling Man soundtrack album as you are going to get! Includes Blue Prelude, which we used for Nick's theme and the main titles, Boyd's swinging take on the Gershwin classic Summertime, the tunes behind both scenes at Gino's, and many more!
March of the Boyds
Boyd Raeburn

If you want all of the Boyd Raeburn music from the movie, you'll need this disc as well. Includes Yerxa (also known as the Elegy Movement from “Jitterbug Suite”) , which graces the "Sunset Resolve" sequence, as well as the bopping Tonsillectomy which we dipped into heavily for several of the "making of" featurettes.
Erik Satie: Piano Works
Erik Satie

There is one piece of music in the movie that is not performed by the Boyd Raeburn Orchestra, and that's the haunting Gnossiennes #3 we can hear on the radio in Nick's mother's apartment. Ah, Satie. No composer completely defines moody solo piano better.

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