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The Usual Suspects

Keoni Chavez
Original Story, Derek Halcyon

Keoni Chavez is a contributing writer for MacDirectory magazine, and has published articles both online and in print. He is also the "Voice of GeneEd", doing voiceover work for this e-learning educational company. While he currently lives in San Francisco, he calls Honolulu, Hawai'i his hometown. You can read samples of his past work, both fiction and non-fiction, at his website.

B.J. West
Screenplay, Director, Production Designer

B.J. West is a digital artist and writer, most noted for his contributions to the best selling PC games of all time, “The Sims” and its myriad sequels. He is the author of “Story Forge," a deck of cards used to brainstorm stories and characters, and the editor of and contributor to Fog City Nocturne. You can find examples of his work at his website.

Bryan Tolin
Assistant Director, Manny Dunning

Bryan hates the physical labors of writing and avoids them at all costs. Also despises with a passion everything he has ever written. He prefers to live simply – 8 hours pulling weeds is far more attractive to him than 8 hours in front of a computer. He does not have a website – and would rather surf the ocean. His memory has gotten so bad he can’t remember if he has 12 cats and 1 wife, or 12 wives and 1 cat.

Chris Hudak
Nick Chambers

Chris Hudak is a writer, former penguin recorder, frequent-flyer junkie, self-proclaimed lucid dream expert, poolshark-in-minnow's-clothing, "student" of all things Japanese, borderline alcoholic (see "writer"), video-gamer-with-a-life, and (apparently) moonlighting, kinda-sorta actor. He writes weird fiction, and contributes articles to Playboy, Wired, The Toronto Star, and whoever else has money. Chris is the protagonist of the Harlan Ellison short story "Keyboard"-no, really-and someday wants a house in Walt Disney World.

Roger Quan
Roger Quan discovered an emerging artistic side to his persona when his cousin's son wrote the screenplay for "Sucker Free City," a Showtime TV pilot directed by Spike Lee. Roger landed a part as a merchant being extorted by a Chinese gang . The shoot was in SF's Chinatown where he was born and raised. Since that first experience, he has done other speaking parts, including "The Smiling Man", photo shoots, industrials, ads, and commercials.

John Mabry
Father Connelley

John R. Mabry is the author of many books, mostly heretical theology. He serves as co-pastor of Grace North Church in Berkeley, California -- a congregational catholic parish. He also teaches interfaith theology, world religions, homiletics, and spiritual direction at the Chaplaincy Institute for Arts and Interfaith Ministry, also in Berkeley. He is a poet and musician, singing for two progressive rock bands , Metaphor and Mind Furniture. Visit his website here.

Jinx McCombs
Mrs. Chambers

Jinx McCombs is a compulsive writer who writes mostly for the joy of it. She's been a peace officer, a psychotherapist, a mediator, a newspaper writer and columnist. She's been lucky in love, and in most things. Now she's living happily ever after --- well, so far --- in a house in the woods

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